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Herbs that can be added to your tea bag . 


1. Lavender: Known for its calming properties, lavender can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.


2. Chamomile: With anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile can soothe skin and aid in relaxation.


3. Eucalyptus: Ideal for respiratory health, eucalyptus can help clear sinuses and ease congestion


4. Rosemary: Known for its invigorating scent, rosemary may improve circulation and provide a refreshing feeling.


5. Peppermint: Aids in relieving muscle tension and can provide a cooling sensation for a refreshing bath.


6. Calendula: This herb has anti-inflammatory properties and can be beneficial for soothing irritated skin.


7. Ginger: Known for its warming properties, ginger can promote circulation and provide a comforting bath.


8. Thyme: With antimicrobial properties, thyme can be beneficial for skin health.


9. Sage: Known for its purifying properties, sage can be invigorating and help cleanse the skin.


10. Rose petals: Aside from their pleasant fragrance, rose petals may have antioxidant properties and can be nourishing for the skin.

Bath Tea Bag , single bag

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