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Why Encapsulate?

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation include:

-Decreases “baby blues” and postpartum depression

-Increases and enriches breastmilk production

-Contains B vitamins that increase energy, fight fatigue

-Is iron-rich, lowering chances of depression and iron deficiency

-Can improve sleep

-Replenishes nutrients lost during childbirth

-Contains oxytocin that increases uterine contraction, enhances bonding, reduces bleeding, and promotes wound healing

-Contains POEF molecules that provides natural pain relief


Ancient Chinese Tradition Meets Modern Science

“Zi he che” or prepared dried placenta has been used as a postpartum tonic for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine. As an herbalist, I prepare each placenta according to the ancient Chinese tradition. The placenta is steamed with herbs, drained, dehydrated and encapsulated. I employ my extensive training in placentaphagy to fully examine and prepare each placenta in a surgically clean and dedicated environment.


Your safety and health are my top priority!


Personal Credentials:

Certified  Herbalist, Brilliant Birth Academy Certified, Certified Food Handler, OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Certified. 


Package Includes:

Pick-up | Shipment of Placenta


Delivery of Capsules

Herbal lactation loose-leaf tea; Heart-shaped Cord Keepsake




Placenta Encapsulation

  • Our Placenta Encapsulation service includes a complete prep kit, shipped immediately to you. What's in the kit? Your kit contains everything you need to collect and send your placenta to us: a free express shipping label, an insulated shipping box, a tamper evident container and ice gel packs. Follow the instruction card provided with your kit for easy step-by-step instructions on how to get your placenta to us safely and securely. We handle the rest, and you get to enjoy the benefits of placenta encapsulation

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